About Us

Business owners Connie Krupp and Carmen Carter said they feel a little bit "saucy" in the kitchen, especially since they have the right embellishments. For Connie and her daughter Carmen, whipping up retro-styled print aprons is just the right mix for their trendy entrepreneurship and local business flair. 

When Carmen owned and operated a flower retail shop in DePere, WI. she wanted to find colorful, vibrant, fun and functional aprons to wear while assisting customers with flowers and arrangements. After searching catalogues, online sites and other stores, she was disappointed in the selection available.

Carmen started looking at fabrics and different patterns to make her own aprons. Her creativity and business sense directed her attention to a consumé of sewing, marketing and selling her products. She is able to custom design aprons according to seasonal interests, personal tastes and current trends. She purchases her fabric from wholesalers and is assisted with seamstresses who work for her business part-time.
Their recipe is simple. Connie and Carmen gather ideas from the past. Carmen used her grandmother's original aprons as her inspiration and guide to get started. Thinking back to when her Grandma Emily would wear aprons brought back fond memories of her own childhood. Carmen and Connie wanted many of their custom aprons to be heirloom quality so the purchaser can pass them down. "We've seen many grandparents buy them for their grandkids to make special holiday cookies," said Connie, secretly knowing that it is more than cookies that are being made in the kitchen. "Memories are made just by being together and having fun in the kitchen," she added. Connie enjoys spending time with her own grandchildren, with a sprinkling of confectionery treats and her daughter in the fold.

Have women gone back to the days of June Clever? Maybe not entirely, but entertaining at home certainly has taken on a new priority as families are inclined to stay home more to cook for family and friends. "What a great way to spice things up, create a conversation and enjoy making meals again," Carmen said.

Martinis or munchies
But, a gal can't live on cake alone. How about a saucy martini? Or, a charming cherry? Got the munchies? There's an cupcake apron that will make you smile. How could a person not love the checkered black and white accents on a 1950s parlor themed print. With eye popping colors to make your mouth water, it could be easy to pick a favorite and give one as a gift. Get one for all of your friends, but don't forget, a girl with a fancy apron must have the accessories to match. This year, matching pot holders and oven mitts in any design are also available. Now, that's something June never had!

They hope to offer something for everyone to browse through at their online store and when they are attending craft shows. "They're all special to us," Carmen said when asked which aprons are her favorite.
Together, Carmen and her mom make a product from their homes and from their hearts. With aprons this beautiful, it is a shame to get them dirty.